Design a core offer that generates predictable and consistent income of $8k-$12k/month.

In this private, 1:1 workshop, you will:

  • Turn the skills or expertise that you already have into a core offer that generates $8k-$12k per month.
  • Learn the BEST way to position yourself as a leading authority in your market - even if you’re newer. 
  • Create an irresistible, eyebrow-raising “position statement” that commands your clients’ attention. (How you stand out is responsible for 80% of the heavy lifting of your entire message - - it’s THAT critical.)
  • Construct a powerful core offer that gets your clients results as fast as possible. This core offer will become the cash cow of your business. It will become the foundation that allows you to ditch the hustle, once and for all. 
  • How to STRUCTURE your core offer the right way, so that it pays the bills and then some. 
  • AND... how to do all of this in a way that gives you the FREEDOM + IMPACT you desire.

“The most important thing for me was the traction I was able to gain so quickly. I’ve really got things going now.”

Marc Dominick – Cologne, Germany

“In my first meeting with Michael, it was immediately clear to me that “he gets it” and he is deeply committed to helping people define their businesses on their own terms.”

Laura Kreofsky – Portland, Oregon

"Michael has helped me get clear, focused, and plant plenty of patience as my business grows through a powerful community and service. I grew my profit base from $35,000 in year two and then I hired Michael and am now projecting close to $450,000 for the year in year three. I even had a $30,000 month!"

Andrea Leda Wilborn – Portland, Oregon

"The result was figuring out what I truly wanted and this energized me to do the work I needed to do. And most importantly, this propelled me to move forward on my number one desire and create a solid plan to execute on it."

Peggy Jaegly – Centreville, Maryland

What's standing between you and CONSISTENT, RECURRING INCOME? Your Core Offer.

Here’s the deal... I am opening 5 spots to work with me one-on-one in a private 3-hour workshop format. I’ve never offered anything like this before. This level of work has always been reserved for my long-term, one-on-one clients. But, I’ve heard from so many of you lately and I feel the pain and frustration level out there. So I’m going to serve you in a new and more accessible way.  

In this in-depth, 3-hour private workshop, I will personally walk individuals through the same process that I used to create my one core offer that generates $8k-$12k revenue per month for me. We will work together to create or fine-tune your core offer. This will be the product or service that you will use to build the entire foundation of your business on. If you’re a service-based entrepreneur, it’s very difficult to have a consistent, sustainable and profitable business without a core offer that produces solid results for your clients.

By the end of this private workshop, you will have:

A specific CORE OFFER that’s viable, and worthy of generating $8k-$12k per month, 

A very specific MARKET to design your core offer for, and 

A SOLID GAME PLAN for delivering your core offer.