10 Breakthrough Business Models

How to Choose Your Breakthrough Business Model

Need-To-Know Facets of Each Business Model So You Can Strategically Plan Your Entrepreneurial Journey

10 Breakthrough Business Models

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  • 10 Robust, Entrepreneurial Business Model Descriptions An in-depth breakdown of each business model so you can align your next business chapter with both business and personal lifestyle goals.
  • A Listing of Successful Business Owners for Each Model Within each business model, see examples of current entrepreneurial rockstars to compare and contrast in your decision-making process.
  • Product Types, Marketing Medias & Revenue Models Want a low financial barrier to entry? Want to work with fewer clients with a higher fee per client? See the revenue structure, promotional approaches, and product types that work best within each model.
Michael Knouse

When I started my business I was blissfully unaware of my options as a business builder. I thought coaching seemed like a fun and easy business to start. I was in for a BIG surprise.  

Fortunately, I love challenges and I love coaching and stuck it out to build a coaching business that I am proud of and that has surpassed the income I was making in software sales!  

But I know how hard it can be to decide which business model to build and how to build it.

That’s why I’ve created this guide to educate you on the most common business models that I see successful, self-funded, independent business builders using.  

Without a clear business model in mind, you’re flying blind. With a business model in mind, you have a framework to guide you and pay attention to.  

I created this guide to help people go from “I’m blindly plodding along” to “I know where I’m headed and why.” Because it’s so important to understand these 10 business models and use them to align your desire for profits, impact, and freedom.  

Live Bravely,  

Michael Knouse  

Business + Performance Coach Firestarter for Visionary Entrepreneurs

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